Maleva Label


 Have you been hungering for a unique dance shoe? Something different from the other brands out there, with designs that are new and fresh? Edgy hardware perhaps? A cute bow maybe? A little bling? Something daring? Yet, affordable? Yeah, us too! That's why Maleva launched our own shoe label in 2014.

All Maleva shoes feature an ultra-flexible, soft, suede sole. It is the sole of choice of most professionals in the dance world, and is the biggest difference between dance shoes and regular street shoes. The suede bottom allows for the perfect combination of grip and glide. A light-as-air suede sole can also pretty much bend in half, allowing you to beautifully flex and point your feet, and to really feel the floor. There is a steel shank under your arch for support and stability.

Maleva Label shoes are designed with an Argentine tango aesthetic, but are also perfect for ballroom, salsa, swing, and many other types of dances.