About Us

 Maleva Shoes is one of the oldest online retailers of Argentine tango shoes and we've been bringing gorgeous Comme il Faut shoes from Buenos Aires to clients in the United States and around the world since 2003. We believe in the unparalleled elegance and style of the Comme il Faut brand, which is often imitated but never matched. The curve of the arch, the combination of colors and materials, the shape of the stiletto ... discover why Comme il Faut tango shoes are the world's most coveted dance shoes!

In 2014, we launched our own line. Maleva Label shoes are designed to be unique, stylish and affordable. Because of their comfy suede soles, Maleva Label shoes are also great for other dances, like salsa, ballroom, swing, bachata, kizomba, and more!

We now also carry Regina, Bandolera, Odile,and Souple shoes, as well as our line of flattering Maleva tango dresses. At MalevaShoes.com, it's easy to find everything you want in one place!